About Us

Kayotik is a one-stop merchandise business based in Melbourne, it has been created to service clubs and sporting organisations.

Kayt Spano, the principal, has over 20 years’ experience in merchandising for sporting, school and volunteer organisations.

How does Kayotik work?

Kayotik takes care of all your merchandise requirements in a ‘one stop shop’.

Your club’s logo is our website ‘shop front’, your members login with a password, this then takes the member to a series of photos of a range of clothing etc which we have previously agreed to.

Your members can order whatever they’d like. These orders can be as little as 1 item or many.

They are then taken to either the Square portal or the PayPal site to pay for their purchases (Direct transfer or bank deposit arrangements can also be made if more suitable).

These orders are then filled and posted (or delivered – again as per prior arrangement).

What sort of merchandise can we choose from?

Depending on your needs, Kayotik sources clothing from Winning Spirit, and JB’s Wear among others. We also work closely with Adidas and 2XU. These brands have minimum numbers which we can discuss when we ascertain your needs.


We are aware that most clubs use merchandise as a fundraiser, we are also aware that often volunteers are usually the ones having to source and sell these items.
Then of course there is the inevitable leftover stock that drains resources and finances.

This way, Kayotik takes care of the stock issue and leaves the club volunteers free to do other roles.

We agree on an amount per item, which at the end of the month, our staff do a reconciliation of orders and the resulting funds are then reimbursed back to the club.

  • No holding stock
  • Raising much needed funds
  • When new members join, there is no waiting to do another run of merchandise and having to make up minimum order.

Should you require any other information or to look at our extensive range of clothing, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to discussing your merchandise needs with you.

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